Flybear Article – Discover the Parisian Producer’s New Single and Cover of the Wilhelm Scream

Flybear’s article on the singer-songwriter from London could be of interest to you. This piece will cover his new single, “Hollowed,’ and his cover of the Wilhelm Scream. Find out more about the background of the song and the history of the musician. Once you’ve read this article, you’ll feel eager to learn about what’s next in electronic music. We’ll also touch on his latest music videos and EP ‘Night Hike’.

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One can’t help but be impressed by the young Parisian musician, Flybear, on the rise. After his first single success ‘Lies’, this 20-year old has made a name for himself on the world of electronic music. As with Flume or Mura Masa, his latest single, ‘Nighthike,’ is strained but beautiful and is a blend of numerous different influences. If you’re not familiar with his music but don’t be concerned! We’ve written a brief review that gives you the insider’s viewpoint.

“Hollowed” is his new track.

The collage-style sound of Flybear’s latest single, ‘Hollowed which is the perfect introduction to the emerging producer’s music. His background in music theory makes him a distinct sound. He makes electronic music by using the self-recorded samples to give his tracks a slouchy atmosphere. Flybear is set to release his debut EP. So ensure you keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Hollowed, a track that runs 3:30 minutes long, is the latest track from Flybear. This song is part of Night Hike the producer’s first EP. It will be released at the end of this year. JioSaavn gives Hollowed as a free download. If you’re a fan then you can hear the rest of his music with JioSaavn! The song will be a hit Listen to his EP!

His version of “The Wilhelm Scream”

The famous James Blake song, “The Wilhelm Scream” It is a classic we all have been searching for. But it’s simple to overlook the quality of James Blake’s original. Flybear’s cover of “The Wilhelm Scream” is a wonderful instance of a cover. The track begins with a soaring R&B vocal, Flybear swiftly transforms in an infectious beat loop. This track has a great vibe due its strong bassline, percussive sounds and percussion.