Nilai International School Malaysia

Nilai International Schools‘ Mission is to create students who are all-round academic performers with solid academic record, an extensive curriculum and meaningful social service. The school also provides an environment that is supported by technology. We’re committed to achieving complete admission into universities. We will continuously strive to enhance our facilities, curriculum as well as student experiences. We aim to create children with exceptional moral character as well as exceptional behaviour. In this regard we are also working towards enhancing the school’s culture of social responsibleness.

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Nilai International School

The school is situated within located near the Multimedia Super Corridor, Nilai International School Malaysia is located just 15 minutes’ walk from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Students are also able to access through the KLIA Sepang Elite Highway and the North-South Expressway. Students are more likely to have to have more than a stellar academic record. Students also receive an entire education.

Being a part of the famous Boarding School’s Association, Nilai International School Malaysia provides top quality education as well as British qualifications. When you graduate with a Cambridge International School diploma, your child can be assured of a rigorous education that prepares to go on to higher education. Students are educated on global issues, and appreciate all aspects of the globe. Nilai is a firm believer in global citizenship and is dedicated to it. Below are some reasons to consider applying and benefits you’ll reap.

Nilai International School Malaysia offers high-quality instruction and the rich heritage of culture. Faculty are at Nilai are caring and dedicated in providing students with an education that is of the highest standard. They employ academic materials and proven technologies to help students achieve their goals. The teachers at Nilai International School Malaysia deliver both the Cambridge International and English National Curriculum courses. They also teach courses for students in Bahasa Malaysian as well as Mandarin as well as Islamic Studies.

An additional independent international school that is located in Malaysia is the famous Epsom College. It is located at Petaling Jaya, is part of the Council of British International Schools. In 1946, it was founded. school has evolved into an academic institution with over 50 nationalities. Its students are bilingual or trilingual after they graduate. Around 80 percent of teachers are originated from abroad and there are two campuses in Petaling Jaya.

Heritage International School

With its goal of creating a learning environment where students can become global citizens Heritage International School aims to create an atmosphere of tolerance empathy, respect, and moral accountability for each student. The school aims to create an all-encompassing education for children who develop a strong conviction of their own responsibility as well as high achievement. The school also promotes the development of ethical and moral values as an essential characteristic in becoming a global citizen. Heritage International School offers a wide range of opportunities for learning that allow students to excel in the classroom.

Heritage International School focuses on the overall development of each studentby fostering the ability to be active and social and emotional well-being. The school teaches students to grow into responsible citizens and maintain the principles of honesty and self-esteem. With this kind of nurturing children develop to become leaders and visionaries who can make a positive difference within their community. They are thus better equipped for the challenges that lie ahead. Their educational journey begins at Heritage International School and continues in their extracurricular and academic programs.

In 1994, missionaries founded the school, Heritage International School has that a particular focus on the importance of multiculturalism. The school offers an international Primary Curriculum along with a range of academic programs from Advanced Placement up to the American High School Diploma. It has a great reputation in the community, and has was praised by the students. The school is recognized by The Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association of Christian Schools International.

Vikas International School

Vikas International School, a co-educational school that offers classes from kindergarten up to the tenth year is part of Vikas International Schools. It was established with the help of Dr. S. Gunasekaran in 1996. It offers an outstanding learning experience to all students. Since the class size is low, and teachers are not ratio, the teachers are able to monitor every student’s progress. Students are encouraged to engage in extra-curricular activities such as performing in public speaking, dance as well as creative writing.

The VIS community is made up of a group composed of individuals committed to increasing global interconnection and consciousness. The group is headed by the principal, vice Chief, and Coordinators. In addition to academics, the school puts emphasis on the value of co-curricular activities and a broad range of opportunities for cultural exchange. VIS includes distinct dance and music rooms along with a hostel as well as one medical clinic. VIS encourages international thinking in students, and is a strong advocate of co-curricular activities such as arts, Taekwondo as well as sports.

EtonHouse International Preschool Melaka

The EtonHouse International School Melak campus is situated in Melaka, Malaysia. It is a real international learning experience. Its curriculum is engaging, and designed to assist students develop academically, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. The school’s curriculum is based upon internationally accepted best practices and aims to develop all children. Between the ages of 18 months and six years old, children from all nationalities can enrol at the school.

EtonHouse’s International Preschool Melakak was established in 2016. The school is an international school that caters to children aged three through 18. It offers boarding as well as several academic programs that are based on the globally acclaimed primary international Curriculum. Secondary school helps students prepare for IGCSE/GCSE exams. The IBDP exam is also offered to students.

Charterhouse International School

Students applying to Charterhouse International School Malaysia must show high academic performance and a dedication to the development of their own lives and serving othersand leadership at the school. The students must also exhibit Charterhouse characteristics of creativity compassion, empathy, and determination. Here are some criteria Charterhouse is seeking when it comes to prospective students. If you’re looking for an excellent education will find this school an excellent option. Students can study in preparation for the Cambridge International A level examination by completing the school’s academic curriculum.

It was established by a team of British educational professionals from the UK, Charterhouse International School Malaysia has a rich history of service and quality. Charterhouse International School Malaysia is dedicated to the development of the talent and personality of its students and promotes a sense of family within the school. The school strives to address the varied demands of young learners as well as contribute to the larger community. Charterhouse Malaysia hopes to establish roots in Malaysia’s education system and prepare the leaders of the coming generations.

Charterhouse Malaysia is the Carthusian first school established located in Malaysia and provides a full learning experience to its students. They have a staff that is proficient with teaching A-level subjects, as well as providing career and university guidance. It also offers social outreach programs and sport activities. The academic standards at Charterhouse Malaysia are very high. Therefore, students should demonstrate academic excellence on exam of national or international standards. Apart from high academic achievement, students need to display traits of responsibleness as well as perseverance, openness, and a sense of responsibility.

Greenview Islamic International School

It is situated in Petaling Jaya, Greenview Islamic International School Malaysia is an unique combination of Islamic culture and the latest in education. The teachers focus on encouraging positive attitudes and promote an education based on values. Greenview Islamic School’s positively-motivated teaching approach and philosophy helps students develop an inner self-confidence and being accountable. Their students are given the opportunity to explore their interests as well as improve their thinking abilities.

The primary and secondary courses can be found at the school. The Bangi branch can be found within a shopping mall, Shah Alam is in an entirely separate building. Although it is not a school, this school is primarily Malay. Actually, Greenview is home to many Malay kids. Greenview is an extremely popular option for families with Malay Muslim parents from Malaysia that are worried of negative influences on the online world.

Greenview Islamic International School provides the English language education, along with an Islamic basis. Students attending Greenview have an international education with the local context. The academic curriculum focuses on preparing students for the problems of the future. It is also a Cambridge-registered center. This guarantees that English is a subject that can be taught to students and lets them balance the international as well as Malaysian environments. This ensures a well-rounded education as well as a solid foundation of Islamic teachings.