Choosing a Law Firm

How to Choose a Law Firm Malaysia

When selecting a law firm Malaysia You must think about the services that the company can provide. This article will explore the benefits and drawbacks with some of Malaysia’s well-known legal firms within this piece. They include Shearn Delamore & Co., Tan Swee Im, Siva & Partner, and Shang & Co., that are award-winning law firms. Furthermore, these companies are able to handle complicated cross-border transactions and work with multinational companies. In addition, they are members of the World Law Group and regularly collaborate with law firms across the globe.

The NHA Law Firm

An all-service Malaysian law firm NHA Law has seasoned solicitors and advocates on the subject of commercial and corporate litigation. With more than 10 years knowledge, NHA has successfully represented clients in 50 different countries across Malaysia. With a winning rate of more than 98%, NHA has won RM2.1 billion in damages as well as 60+ seven-figure settlements. In fact, it is the law firm of choice of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall and Austrian, German, and Italian embassies.

The firm’s real estate division has a reputation for providing exceptional legal advice throughout a range of subjects. The firm’s real estate department is the recipient of numerous awards, and was named by Legal 500 Asia Pacific a the top construction company. Dalton Grace Yeoh has worked in the firm for over 30 years and has been an associate since 1997. Her specialization is green energy and banking and she has won many awards from the Asian Legal Business Malaysia Law Awards.

Jeffrey & Co.

Jeffrey & Co. was founded through Metford Warner, a highly skilled lawyer. Metford Warner is an expert in specialty and direct lending. Additionally, he creates sophisticated financing documents for clients working in these areas. The vast experience he has gained in the respective areas allows him to provide clients with specific and strategic financial advice as well as help them operate successfully in different market. The clients he works with are high net worth and famous individuals. Additionally, he is experienced in the management of crises, litigation strategies and many other aspects.

An amalgamation of experience in law and a wealth of experience in business are essential for a successful representation of clients. Jeffrey Ross has extensive knowledge in private investments and corporate business. He has the ability to spot complex issues related to the grant of stock and strike price. His vast business and financial training also allows him to solve the particular problems related to support leading to better financial results for clients. Jeffrey & Co. is recognized for its high-quality legal representation.

Tan Swee Im Siva & Partner

Tan Swee Im, Siva is a law firm that is registered with the Bar Council of Malaysia, the professional body that is with the responsibility of regulating the profession of law within Peninsular Malaysia. To be registered attorneys must meet the formal, practical and academic standards, pursuant in the Legal Profession Act 1976, which consolidates Malaysia’s legal profession. The lawyers of this firm have vast expertise in a wide range of areas such as construction.

The Senior Partner Tan Swee Im is a LL.B. Hons (London) and Barrister at-Law (Middle Temple) Advocate of the High Court of Malaya, Dip. Accredited mediator, Int Arb. His arbitration experience is extensive and he’s collaborated with the drafters on large infrastructure projects, like KL International Airport, and Malaysia-Singapore Second Singapore Crossing.

Shang & Co.

The lawyers of Shang & Co. are registered with the Bar Council of Malaysia. The Bar Council of Malaysia is the official body for professional professionals who regulate the profession of law in Peninsula Malaysia. In order to be allowed to be lawyers professionals of the body have to meet certain academic, practical, and formal standards. The firm provides highly personalized services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. There are many advanced plans and team management options offered to the firm.

AskAILA is an artificial law assistant that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to support attorneys of the firm. In order to provide the best support, it is well-trained on Malaysia Labour Law. AskAILA complements the knowledge of the Shang & Company’s lawyers and offers effective solutions in the most time-efficient manner. This service helps save time and money by not making errors, allowing the firm to save money and improve the quality of its services.

The EzriLaw Firm

The EZRILAW FIRM, formerly named EZRI & CO., is a law firm located in Malaysia which is recognized by the Bar Council of Malaysia. It is the Bar Council, a professional body responsible for regulating the legal profession within Peninsula Malaysia is called the Bar Council. The Legal Profession Act 1976 requires that members of the Bar Council meet all formal as well as academic requirements. Legal firm representation is available with offices throughout the country.

Skrine’s success lies in its commitment to providing quality services. The lawyers at Skrine constantly search for creative solutions, and are open to new innovations in the field of law as well as service. Its team is diverse in its approach, and is open to new technologies as well as a global outlook. EzriLaw Firm Malaysia maintains the heritage of high-quality and superior service however, it also offers numerous legal services that cover a wide range of sectors. Since it’s a multinational company its lawyers have the ability to interact with specialists in the local area and possess an international perspective.


Pintas, an IP small law firm that is located in Malaysia as well as Singapore. It is fully-serviced IP and patents practice. With over 20 years of expertise, the lawyers of PINTAS Law Firm Malaysia are experienced in handling complex legal issues involving Intellectual Property. PINTAS Law Firm Malaysia provides comprehensive assistance across all aspects of IP that range from prosecution to litigation to patent litigation. They also have lawyers who are skilled in protecting trade secrets.

Patrick Chow is the Director at PINTAS Law Firm Malaysia. Additionally, he is a licensed lawyer in Singapore as well as Malaysia. Following the completion of his Bachelor of Laws at the National University of Singapore he began his legal profession as a legal trainee at Binjai 8 law firms. There, he helped draft cause papers, correspondences, review agreements, and do a number of research. He has also been in court before Magistrates at Open Courts as well as Registrars at Chambers.